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Let’s engage in meaningful conversations!

The Problem

With more and more millennials engaging in politics, there is a growing need for active communication and finding common ground between politicians and the people. Constituents are using social media to express their concerns and reach out to their state representative…But does that information truly reach its objective?


We are a digital platform designed for politics alone. Our mission is to provide  a safe space where all individuals can engage in meaningful conversations and reach out to their state representative through intelligent tools that encourage everyone to be accountable and bridge the gap between individuals and politicians.

For everyone who wants to truly influence change

Let’s engage in meaningful conversations

Communication between state representatives and their constituents is becoming more and more difficult as individuals see political leaders focusing on themselves rather than the people they represent.

Everyone aims at having a value-driven community, and uses all social media platforms to try ans influence chance in the system they live in. The result is often disappointing, with information being lost between content that is never truly related to politics.

  • The People of the United States
  • Politicians with decision-making power
  • Organizations and their people
  • Anyone with a passion for politics and love for their community
  • A social network designed for politics alone
  • A resource for unbiased political updates
  • A system that brings everyone together
  • Common ground for politicians and their constituents
  • Need for active communication
  • To bridge the gap between politicians and constituents
  • To be proactive and not reactive about politics
  • To encourage accountability
  • Access to fact-checked information
  • Viral member growth and community feeling
  • Transparency and trust from everyone
  • A vote of the people and for the people

35% of us dislike the President


58% of us voted in 2016


18% of us trust their Government


“We the people”- Without the people lending the power, the United States Constitution would not have been able to become what it is TODAY

GetPolitical is a project that addresses a very important issue – the growing need for meaningful conversations between politicians and their constituents. In the past few years people have been complaining of the quality of content and information they receive on their social feeds.

At times, starting a conversation on social media can result in countless of comments or feedback that is completely unrelated to the discussion subject.

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Enabling communication on both sides of the aisle

We encourage politicians, constituents and organizations to engage in meaningful conversations


We’ve created online tools that help everyone have a proactive attitude towards politics.¬†

True Power

Communication is the key behind making responsible decisions that can truly change our community.

A voting system

Our online vote system is easy to use and helps every constituent stay informed on all bills of law. 

I created GetPolitical immediately after the 2016 elections. I felt that the American people needed a place where they could engage in meaningful conversations with their representatives. In return, GetPolitical is a space where politicians too can build a reputation based on facts and good they do by the people. Everyone gets the chance to speak and be heard.

Alexandra Socol Founder, GetPolitical

As a marketer, the field of politics has always fascinated me. Even as many political institutions start having a greater focus on social media, there is no real conversation out there about politics; a conversation that focuses on change and not just an array of principles. That's why we built GetPolitical, to influence change through meaningful conversations.

Andrea Fragasso Co-Founder, GetPolitical

I started taking looking at social networks from a professional angle early in 2016. Social media is used by more and more politicians and their constituents each day. Not surprisingly, the content posted online by everyone often leads to disbelief or anger towards the system. GetPolitical is built to change all that for the better by including everyone in the conversation.

Francesca MarsicoCo-Founder, GetPolitical